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Top 10 Most Expensive Painting In The World

1. PAUL CEZANNE (“The Card Players”, 1892/93):


Now this painting is the most expensive painting of the world and which was sold for 259 million dollars in 2011.By this picture Paul Cezannne wanted to depict about the psychological intensity of the card player and made a latent relation about the real life.

2. PABLO PICASSO (“La Reve (The Dream)”, 1932):

It is an oil painting of Pablo Picasso and it was done in 1932.It is a popular and erotic paint of Pablo which picture was about Marie Therese Waiter . At that time she was 22 years old. She has depicted to sit in a armchair with her close eyes .It was sold for 155 dollars in march 2013.

3. FRANCIS BACON (“Three Studies of Lucian Freud”, 1969): 


It was an awesome creation of Francis Bacon which was a geometric calculation one of his rival painter Lucian Freud. It has been known that this artist paint each-other several time. Their relation ended after an argument in 1970s.This paint was painted in 1969 and it was sold for 142.4 million dollars in November 2013.

4. JACKSON POLLOCK (“Number 5, 1948″, 1948): 


It is one of the strange paintings and sold for 140 million dollars. This painting was done by the sheet of fiberboard which was 8×4 sizes. This paint is a mixture of brown and yellow and some drizzle is seen on the top .It was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art before being sold to David Geffen.

5. WILLEM DE KOONING(“Woman III”, 1952-53): 


A billionaire and as well as a paint lover boy Steven A. Cohen who has a vast collection of paint sold “Woman III “ for 135 million dollars . Actually It was one of the creation from six of Willem De Kooning and other five are in world-class museums. Only Woman III has been purchased by Cohen.

6. GUSTAV KLIMT(“Adele Bloch-bauer I”, 1907):


It is painted from gold and oil canvas and The painter was Gustav Klimt. He painted it in 1907. It took almost 3 years to complete. It was sold for 135 million dollars at an auction in 2006 .

7. EDVARD MUNCH (“the scream” 1895):


One of the best works of Edward Munch who was called as an expressionist artist in the 19th century. This paint depicted about the pain and misery. On the other hand it is a symbol of contemporary art. It is named “The Scream of Nature” because of its four deviations. This picture was sold at an auction for 119.9 million dollars in 2012.

8. JASPER JOHN (“flag” 1958):


This is a paint of The American’s flag and it is painted by Jasper Johns. It was John’s most famous work and he painted his first American flag in 1954-1955. This famous hot wax painting was purchased by SAC Capital Advisers founder Steven Cohen for 11o million dollars.

9. PABLO PICASSO ( “nude, green leaves and bust”,1932):


Picassso had been demonstrated his talents from his adolescent life .Painting was so famous that time by it’s realistic manner. This picture the women is being seen, she is the mistress name Marie-Therese Walter,aka. In 2010 this picture sold for 106 million dollars at Christie’s auction to an anonymous bidder.

10. ANDY WARHOL (silver car crash [double disaster], 1932) :


It is painted by a leader in the visual arts movement Andy Warhol . It is also called the pop art .He focused on the relationship among artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement. “15 minutes of fame” was also named by American Artist Andy Warhol. 105 million dollars was the price of this paint at an auction.


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