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How to win an Online Art Competition?

Assessing someone’s art has aptly been itself an art. You as a visual artist or a photographer can be excellent, good, average or bad. Although man is considered the best judge of his own, but when it comes to evaluating his original finesse and rank among his contemporaries, nothing could match up the Art Competitions. These competitions are the best way to help you know where you stand among the rest and your art is good nevertheless, what are the aspects that need improving.

A thorough preparation prior going for an Art Competition will immensely help you get through these kinds of tough competitions.

Previous Competition:

It will certainly clear out the things for you that how you can prepare up for the upcoming event. When an organizer organizes an event, he is expected to detail each and everything related to the competition, including the previous competition norms, regulations and results. You can at ease draw a parallel if the competition to be held is similar to the previous one or some changes have been included this time. Checking out the work of the winner can make you understand what kind of approach will be required to win this year’s title. Not having seen the work of those who lagged behind can be a big mistake since you may spot some flaws committed by those artists, you often do as well. This kind of approach can really be a plus to revise your strategies, before entering into the real battlefield.

Read all the instructions carefully:

What if you’ve sweated out hard day in day out to sharpen up your skills and deliver your best, but your work doesn’t get noticed? No surprise, your entire world will come crashing around you. This certainly can be a reality, if you turn bit casual in submitting your entries. Read on the following points and check out these same points carefully in the competition you’re planning to partake in, before applying for the competition:

  1. Don’t get confused over the mentioned dates rather note them down in your paper be it, entry fee, work submission and result date.

  2. Terms and Conditions should be read out very cautiously since missing reading one important line can stop your work being considered.

  3. Check out whether you’ve to own the copyright to your submissions. If yes, then place this work on the top of your must-do list.

  4. There are various online art websites running, including,, and, offering the artists to create their portfolio on these sites. Make sure if you need first to upload your competition’s stuff in the portfolio made on the site organizing the event.

Be the judge of your own work:

Once you’re done with all the formalities, the real test starts for you thereon. Exceptions excluded; you can’t emerge as a winner, unless, your work is not a masterpiece in your own eyes. Choosing out the best out from all the work done by you can be fruitful as then; you will be submitting your best piece, be it, visual art, clicked or canvas photographs or canvas paintings, or any other artwork, in the competition. Doing so, without doubt it enhances your chances of being selected in the cream-list.

Be original and different:

Taking inspiration from the other’s work is fine. You as an artist can even add that inspiring touch in your work as well. Do remember, your this very attempt doesn’t make your work look like a copied stuff. It’s far better to assess the work of others with a different perspective while creating your own work with an entirely different outlook. Authentic work takes time to get finished with elegant footprints. Take out your time and get succeeded in creating something never heard and seen before. Submitting this kind of original work in a competition will undeniably grab the attention of the jury.

No ifs and buts:

There is no use repenting after submitting your work. Meaning, you’d think deeply and wisely about submitting the work out of all available that can bring a big round of applause to you. There should be no doubt in your mind post-submission whether this is the best work or something else in its place can be used.

You’re an artist who makes canvas paintings, clicks photographs or does any other kind of artistic work, looking forward to showcasing your talent to the rest world, but you’ve been unable to do so as you don’t know what to do.

Your search may end up at, an online portal organizing an Art contest for the visual artists and photographers. Recommend availing this diamond chance since you as an artist not only will receive appreciation from all round the corners for your genuine work , but it will also bring pecuniary benefits to you in the form of prizes to be distributed to the winners. If you delay applying for the competition, then, this thing will be equated with cornering the once-in-a-while opportunity since having emerged as the best, your work will charm the plenty of Art-Lovers associated with the site.

Moreover, all the work you’re planning to submit must be uploaded in your portfolio made under the site first, before submitting to the competition.

Make your portfolio in case you don’t have it that doesn’t take more than a few minutes.



How to buy paintings online?

People all around the world have always had a keen interest in art. Earlier, art was used to express inner thoughts and imagination on material surface, as a part of self development and meditation. Today, art is created with more or less the same motive, but now that motive gets usually accompanied with a price tag.

To buy paintings and to buy art onlinecan seem unwise to most people, they feel that they cannot see the painting in person, but this does not have to be the case. Buying art online can be a great way to start or expand your growing art collection. The major reason to buy paintings online is price. There are also artist communities and online services for artist to help post their artwork. With these art websites you are basically purchasing art directly from the artists themselves which can be a very rewarding experience for both collector and artist. Some artists have their own website for selling artwork online.

Some important tips you need to keep in mind while buying art online are:

  • Be sure the site offers some form of return policy or satisfaction guarantee. This is important because you will be buying original painting without seeing it in person.

  • Your artwork will be shipped to you. Some art websites that are selling artwork online are better than others at boxing and shipping their artwork. Another important thing you need to consider is shipping insurance in the event some form of damage happens to the package during shipping. The shipping insurance should be for the amount you paid for the painting.

  • Buying art should be an easy-going joyful experience. So, if something makes you feel uncomfortable about certain art websites or artists, then just move along to the next one until you find the piece you like an artist who works in a professional manner.

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