What are the positives and negatives of watercolor paintings?

Painting watercolor paintings with brushes can be regarded as the primary step in the painting field to get accustomed with the colors and strokes of the brushes. This form of work is mostly found effective as it allows you to learn the strokes with a paintbrush, before proceeding onto more daunting techniques. These days, watercolor prints are very popular among people who buy art online.

There are many benefits and shortcomings of watercolor paintings.

Benefits: Watercolor paintings are an easy art, as far as the painting techniques with paintbrushes are concerned. The ingredients required for work are easily available in the market along with the water that is in free flow in every home. The ingredients of watercolor paintings are easily affordable by the individuals.

For all these reasons the technique of watercolor painting is so popular among the young learners, who seek to get a good grasp on the painting techniques. Even the application of colors and the movement of strokes could be very well mastered, through the watercolor painting. It is much easier process than the others and allows us to feel free to experiment with the colors, as they are within affordable limits. There are many retailers selling artwork online and watercolor paintings are very popular among online buyers.

Negative effects: No doubt watercolor painting technique is a very easy process and saves a lot of money, but there are some negative after effects of watercolor painting as well. There are several disadvantages of maintaining a watercolor painting due to several reasons, like problem with pigmentation, colors being water soluble and a few others. Watercolor paintings are mostly done on paper, varying between several qualities, which tend to turn yellow after quite a few years. Preservation of watercolor painting can be a really difficult task. Moreover, the watercolors being soluble with water are prone to water damage in the long run, where the entire painting might be ruined.


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